Manual Check Available on Select SOR® Electric Detectors

1500 Series mechanical switch

The SOR 1510 and 1540 are horizontally mounted, float-operated level detectors suitable for plant and OEM applications where open or closed contacts are required to signal presence or absence of liquid at a discrete level. The float extension arm moves a magnet which actuates or de-actuates a hermetically sealed reed detector. Actuation/de-actuation can be reversed by rotating the unit 180 degrees. Robust construction and reliable performance make the SOR 1500 series stand out against similar products in the market.

The Manual Check option allows the user to verify detector integrity without removing the 1510 or 1540 from the vessel or increasing or decreasing liquid levels. The automatic return feature restores the detector to operational states once the test is complete.

“This is particularly useful for systems testing in safety applications such as a manual override where the detector is not called upon very often,”

says SOR Senior Product Manager, Jason Aldrich.

“It can also be used as a method to manually trigger a valve or activate the normal function of the detector. Many customers are mandated by regulatory authorities to include this type of function.”

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