SOR Launches an Electronic Pressure Detector

805QS Electronic Pressure Switch

805QS Provides Versatility of Detector with Continuous Output

Lenexa, KS – SOR® Inc. has launched an electronic pressure detector that also offers supplemental continuous output (either 4-20mA or 1-5VDC).

The 805QS Electronic Pressure Detector is a cost effective, compact loop-powered pressure detector. Its rugged construction and three-year warranty makes the cost of ownership low. The 805QS is ideal for hazardous locations and hostile environments where space is limited. It supports applications where low-cost, discrete and continuous output monitoring is preferred. Detector set points and supplemental continuous output zero and span points are field adjustable via optional calibration kit.

“This product is truly versatile. Our unique, window-type operation closes when the pressure is between the minimum and maximum set points and will open when the pressure is outside of this range,” said SOR Product Manager Lance Cooper. “The 805QS adds even more flexibility by offering three types of detector functions to best suit the customers’ application needs. When the unit loses its power source or stops working, all three detector actions are designed to change to the open state indicating a fault condition,” said Cooper.

Since 1956, SOR Inc. has offered a comprehensive line of level, pressure, temperature and flow instrumentation for a wide variety of industries and applications. SOR Inc. has a registered quality system to ISO 9001:2008.

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