SENSOR Sampling Launches the New RSS – RAM Sample System During Record Growth

RSS RAM Sample System

(Houston, Texas, USA – March 28, 2018) SENSOR Sampling Systems expands its offering of Low Vapor Pressure Liquid Grab Sample Systems(opens in a new tab) with the launch of the RSS RAM Sample System.(opens in a new tab)

“It’s exciting to be adding the 6th sampling standard offering to our portfolio of products in less than 2 years of launching the SENSOR Sampling Systems(opens in a new tab) brand. We doubled our sales from 2016 – 2017 and currently have a record backlog, and are on pace to triple sales in 2018 over 2017 numbers. The addition of the RSS is a result of working closely with our customers to meet their needs,” said Billy Terry, SENSOR Sampling Systems Product Manager.

The RSS is designed to provide a means to collect representative samples of low vapor pressure liquids without exposure to the operator collecting the sample while also ensuring zero emissions to the environment.  The RSS utilizes a Ram or Piston type sample valve which is ideal for collecting high viscosity and hot samples directly from the main line or the side of a vessel, especially when a traditional fast loop isn’t available.  The utilization of a unique Ram Adapter and Needle technology paired up with the benefits of the Ram Valve provides a perfect solution for grabbing samples safely and effectively.  The Ram Sample Valve can come in a variety of materials and soft goods to meet a vast array of applications.  The main inlet connection of the Ram valve can be supplied with Flange, Threaded, or Welded Connection to mate up with many different connections.  The Ram Valve can also be supplied with an extended plunger/piston or extended body to fill any dead space on a nozzle coming off the side of a tank or pipeline ensuring zero dead volume.

The maximum recommended operating pressure for the RSS is 150 PSIG, but the design rating can be as high as 1500psig if a fixed volume is utilized.   Design temperature is where this unit really excels.  The design temperature of the RSS is 400°F with PTFE Packing, but can go as high as 800°F with Graphite packing.  Additional specifications and information for the Ram Sample System can be found in the SENSOR RSS Catalog or by viewing this RSS Sampling System video.(opens in a new tab)

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