Mini-Hermet – Explosion Proof Pressure/Compound Pressure Detector

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Mini-Hermet - Explosion Proof Pressure/Compound Pressure Switch




30 in Hg VAC to 7000 psi, 1 bar VAC to 480 bar


Unit: ATEX, UL/CSA, INMETRO, SILSnap Detector: ATEX, TestSafe (SAA), UL/CSA

Process pressure changes act on the diaphragm/piston assembly to actuate and de-actuate a snap-action electrical detectoring element at discrete process pressures. The pressure sensing element of the explosion-proof Mini-Hermet pressure/compound pressure detector is a force-balanced, piston-actuated assembly sealed by the conventional Static O-ring type that SOR pioneered.

The detectoring element assembly is hermetically sealed in a stainless steel capsule with the maximum explosion-proof rating.

The small, compact size of the SOR Mini-Hermet makes it extremely popular in offshore oil and gas fields because it doesn’t require much space on the skids and it is corrosion resistant.

  • Hermetically sealed snap detectors
  • Ranges from 30 in Hg vacuum to 7000 psi
  • Set point adjustment without declassification of hazardous area
  • Worldwide agency approvals

Power Plant 101

Mini-Hermet Pressure Detectors

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Short Training

INMETRO Certification

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