Omni Weatherproof Pressure Detector

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Omni Weatherproof Pressure Switch




7 to 7000 psi, 0.5 to 480 bar


Unit: SIL

Designed to provide protection from the elements, the SOR Omni weatherproof pressure detectors are available in two detector configurations–diaphragm for most applications ,and pivot seal type for hydraulic applications (where high shock pressures and cycle rates are expected). These small, compact, low-cost detectors are often used in OEM applications.

  • Environmentally sealed snap detectors – NEMA 4 approved
  • Aluminum with corrosion-resistant chromate conversion coating
  • Ranges from 7 to 7000 psi
  • Diaphragm and pivot seal models

Power Plant 101

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Short Training

Pressure Detector Features

Pressure Detector Operating Principles