Sub Mini Hermet – Explosion Proof Pressure Detector

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Sub Mini Hermet – Explosion Proof Pressure Switch


Sub Mini Hermet


8 to 200 psi, 0.5 to 14 bar (adjustable); 0.6 to 500 psi, 0.4 to 35 bar (factory set)


Unit: SILSnap Detector: ATEX, TestSafe (SAA), UL/CSA

The Sub Mini Hermet comes in Adjustable and Factory Set models. The adjustable model can be externally adjusted without disconnecting the electrical service. This field-mounted instrument is suited for compact areas and the harshest hostile environments.

  • Hermetically sealed snap detector
  • Ranges from 8 to 200 psi (adjustable)
  • Ranges from 6-500 psi (factory set)
  • Set point adjustment without declassification of hazardous areas
  • 316 SS housing contains explosion-proof hermetically sealed detectoring element

Power Plant 101

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Short Training

Pressure Detector Features

Pressure Detector Operating Principles