SOR Launches Video to Help Customers Calibrate 1600 Series Liquid Level Controllers

1600 series liquid level controller

SOR is committed to providing support for new products and customers, and is doing so by releasing a video which walks through the 1600 Series Liquid Level Controller calibration process(opens in a new tab). The intention is to provide a supplemental resource to the instruction manual for customers who are in the field.

Research says our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text and, on average, about 80 percent of people agree; video messages are more powerful than text.

“The 1600 Series video incorporates the best of both by including both visuals and text for people who process information one way easier than the other”, says V.P. of Marketing Michelle Bunte. “It includes subtitles which allow the viewer to follow along and pause at any time so they can better understand specific steps of the calibration process. Our future release of videos will include subtitles, and will be largely based on the most frequently asked questions we get about our products.”

The 1600 series liquid level controllers(opens in a new tab) use a displacer type sensor to detect liquid level, making it the ideal instrument to measure changing liquid interface applications. The reliability of this design makes it well suited for liquid level applications in natural gas production, compression, and processing. The device delivers a pneumatic output signal designed to operate a control valve. By continually sensing the liquid level and providing a continual signal, the controller maintains liquid level between two setpoints.

Level control can be difficult with several different liquids all being separated in one tank. The SOR 1600 Series Level Controllers provide an excellent solution to interface measurement with field adjustable dead bands. The 1600 series is the ideal solution to measure interface in control systems.

Left and right-handed configurations are available with additional options including reverse and direct action, sealed housing and high vibration. No special tools are required for field repairs or replacement.

SOR controllers are available with standard 1-week delivery or expedited delivery upon request – and, like all SOR products, they are engineered to order with off-the-shelf speed.

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