Specialty Applications

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About Sampling Systems for Specialty Applications

In addition to standard systems, SENSOR Sampling also offers custom designed sampling systems that have been tailored for specialty applications. SENSOR Sampling is capable of designing systems for other specialty applications besides those listed on this page. If you have a specialty application, please contact customer service for assistance designing your unique sampling solution.

The SENSOR Detector Tube Sampling System (DTSS) allows samples from gas streams to be quickly spot tested for the presence of trace gases. The system can be combined with a VSS cylinder sampling system to isolate the gas at atmospheric pressure and safely take detector tube spot samples in the field, while also providing a safe and reliable means to collect the gas sample for transport to the lab. The DTSS is suitable for processes with high pressure; the system safely removes the pressure before sampling occurs and includes a pressure relief valve on the detector loop as an additional safety measure in the event pressure reduction fails.

The SENSOR Hydrofluoric Acid Sampling System (HFSS) allows samples to be collected safely from one of the most challenging and dangerous process medias there is to. Not only does HF require special materials of construction for corrosion resistance, but it is also incredibly toxic in small amounts and presents the potential for significant injury or worse. Collecting samples of HF acid requires a unique grab sampling system and professionals with a high degree of understanding on how to sample HF acid while maintaining safety in the alkylation unit.

The SENSOR Tank Farm Sampling System (TFSS) allows for collection of samples in remote applications where there is often an absence of a fast-loop and no electricity, instrument air, or other utilities commonly found in process units. The TFSS incorporates a manual push/pull pump, flow totalizer, and the BBSS flow-thru sample valve. The operator uses the manual pump to achieve a representative stream from the tank from multiple levels and returns it back to the tank. The TFSS is normally used with an open bottle, but can instead be outfitted with a needle system when closed loop is essential for protecting against hazardous vapors.