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Based in Houston, Texas, SSi Temperature Sensors is a leading manufacturer of thermocouple elements, RTD sensors, thermowell elements, industrial assemblies, and specialty surface temperature sensors.

Offering a comprehensive selection of products and state-of-the-art facilities, our team has the unique capability to service a wide variety of industrial applications and OEM markets.

About SSi Temperature Sensors

Since 1995, SSi Temperature Sensors has been a leading temperature measurement company and a trusted resource amongst our clients.

From our design and manufacturing headquarters in Houston, we proudly offer a comprehensive line of temperature measurement products and serve a wide variety of industries across the country. What truly sets us apart, however, is more than just our high-quality products; it’s our dedication to providing world-class technical support while putting safety and efficiency at the forefront.

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Reliable & Experienced

The heart and soul of what makes SSi a reliable partner is our highly experienced staff, which brings almost a century of experience and technical expertise in the design, production, sales, and application of temperature sensors and thermowells. With state-of-the-art facilities, including a sophisticated calibration lab for testing sensors online and in-house, SSi can meet the most demanding temperature measurement requirements.

As an affiliated brand of SOR Controls Group, SSi Temperature Sensors actively serves all sectors of the process industry with particular strengths in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, and Power segments. A network of sales and service personnel capable of addressing customer requirements is supported by our team around the world.

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Solutions Made Simple

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Products & Services

Thermocouples (TCs) & Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs)

All of our thermocouples and RTDs are custom designed and manufactured to meet your specifications.

Specialty Temperature Sensors

Our Special Temperature Sensors include Multipoint Assemblies, Mini Multipoints, Tubeskin Thermocouples, and a multitude of Surface Mount Sensors.

Thermowells, Pipewells & Sample Probes

We offer a full range of Thermowells, Pipewells, and Sample Probes including Threaded, Flanged, Van Stone, Socket Weld, Weld-in, and Retractable. A full range of options are available, Special Bore Sizes, Special Lag Lengths, NACE Compliant, Specialty Coatings, MTRs, Testing, and Wake Frequency Calculations.

Additional Options

In addition to the products mentioned above, SSi offers a variety of transmitters, displays, connectors, fittings, terminal blocks, and connection heads.

Consistent Quality Delivery You Can Count On

SSi Temperature Sensors was founded in the mid-1990s and has formed a dedicated customer base of OEM and industrial customers. We continue to develop and expand that trust from new customers who depend upon the quality, consistency, and fast deliveries.

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Our History

Quality is critical for ensuring a lasting relationship and customers who work with us continuously come away impressed with how we build quality into every operation. That’s why we always say: Temperature Measurement The Right Way.



SSi Temperature Sensors is formed in Houston, Texas by Jim Baldanza and Buck France


SSi is acquired by SOR Controls Group to expand its temperature measurement portfolio.


SSi adds to its temperature portfolio with the acquisition of a thermowell line.


SSi receives its ISO 9000 certification.

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