Temperature Detectors

About Nuclear Qualified Temperature Detectors

The most popular SOR nuclear qualified pressure instruments can also serve as temperature detectors with a few modifications. Each detector is engineered to your specifications and thoroughly tested for quality of construction and performance before shipment. They meet the strict requirements of the nuclear power generation industry and may be mounted directly or in a remote location.

  • Custom sized sensing components
  • Ranges from 40 to 3750F
  • Tip-sensitive bulbs
  • All 316SS wetted parts
  • Standard mount—capillary length 6 to 20 feet
  • Remote or direct mount – in any position
  • 1E qualified



  • Core spray NE room cooler pumps
  • EDG jacket coolant temp
  • Pump room high temperature
  • RCIC governor end bearing high temperature
  • Room temperature HELB detection