SOR Customer Service has some New and Returning Masked Faces

Photo of Weston, Tyler, and Eric

Weston Shoemaker has returned to SOR to take on the role of Project Engineer for Mechanical Level and Pressure Projects. Weston came from Honeywell FM&T where he was a Project & Control Account Manager. He is a graduate from Missouri University of Science and Technology with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

Tyler Matthews also joins the Customer Service Team as an Application Engineer. He is responsible for customizing the standard product offering to fit specific application needs. Prior to joining SOR, Tyler worked for Schlumberger in Midland, Texas for three years as a Senior Field Engineer. He lived on drilling rigs and led a small team through the operations of drilling a directional wellbore. Tyler graduated from Missouri S&T Rolla, Missouri with a bachelor’s of science in petroleum engineering with a minor in geology.

And finally, Eric Duesler is also a new addition to Customer Service and takes on the role of Project Engineer where he will assume responsibility for Level projects and other related responsibilities. Eric has three years of Engineering experience with Knapheide Manufacturing Company in Quincy, Illinois as an Application Engineer working with custom designed vehicle projects. He has a bachelor’s of science in mechanical engineering technology from Oklahoma State University.