Inline Valve Sampling Systems

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The SENSOR Inline Valve Sampling System (IVSS) fits directly into the process piping system without the need to utilize, or create, a pressure differential to collect a sample. It can be designed to fit into 1”, 2” or 3” vertical or horizontal piping orientation. The IVSS can be configured to utilize a thread-in bottle or tradtional needles for a bottle with cap and septa.

The IVSS can be provided with a wafer or inline flange configuration, providing the ability to be installed in virtually any piping system. The wafer configuration is designed to be sandwiched between two existing flanges. The inline version includes mating flanges on each end that can be specified to any required face-to-face dimension.

The valve has been designed with the user in mind. The easy to use pull-type lever allows the operator to control the flow rate of the liquid into the bottle while collecting a sample. Upon release of the handle the valve springs closed forming a tight seal and terminating the sample collection.

The IVSS was designed for smaller batch processes, typically chemical facilities, where more specialty products are produced. These applications often require a dedicated sample collection system that ensures a homogeneous collection process and eliminates outside contamination of the media and/or exposure to the operator.

  • Spring-loaded handle that automatically closes off after releasing
  • Weep hole above packing to provide early warning if packing begins to fail
  • Interchangeable adapters can be used to allow various bottle types with thread-in or needle configuration
  • Throttle handle to control the bottle fill rate
  • Lockable handle with insertion pin to lock out operation while performing maintenance
  • Wafer or Inline type design to fit any new or existing piping configurations
  • Standard 316SS and available in HC276 to handle corrosive chemicals

IVSS Inline Valve Sampling System Overview

IVSS Inline Valve Sampling System Demo

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