Pivot Seal – Hermetically Sealed Pressure Detector

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Pivot Seal - Hermetically Sealed Pressure Switch




100 to 7000 psi (7 to 480 bar)


Unit: ATEX, UL/CSA, INMETRO, SILSnap Detector: ATEX, TestSafe (SAA), UL/CSA

The explosion-proof SOR hermetically sealed pivot seal pressure detector makes sense when plant conditions contain flammable/combustible gases, vapors, or dust that dictate UL, CSA, or ATEX certifications. (According to the National Electrical Code, the definition of an explosion-proof apparatus is a device enclosed in a case that is capable of withstanding a gas or vapor explosion. This means that, should an explosion occur, it will be contained within an enclosure.)

The pressure-sensing element of the pivot seal pressure detector is a force-balanced, piston-actuated assembly sealed by an O-ring. As with all SOR pressure detectors, the actual travel of the piston to actuate the micro detector is only several thousandths of an inch, resulting in minimal O-ring wear. Media pressure on the area of the piston counteracts the force of the range spring (adjustable via nut screw) and moves the piston shaft and the force transmitter to directly actuate the electrical snap-action detectoring element.

  • Designed for fluid power or hydraulic services
  • Long-lasting with minimal wear

Power Plant 101

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Short Training

INMETRO Certification