Differential Pressure Flow Transmitters

About Differential Pressure Flow Transmitters

Flow measurement done by an SOR differential pressure transmitter measures the pressure drop caused by an obstruction in a pipe, which is normally created by a filter or primary element. As the flow of the process material goes through the obstruction, the pressure drops. This measurement can then be used to determine an accurate measurement of flow either in volumetric flow rate or mass flow rate.


A Multitude of Outputs

  • Integrated solid state detector
  • Traditional 4-20 mA or low power 1-5 VDC output
  • HART 7 and Modbus RTU communications



  • Low cost
  • All features on one device
  • Many pressure ranges
  • Durable, compact, light-weight construction


Cost Effective Solution

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Tested before shipping