Weatherproof Temperature Detectors

About Weatherproof Temperature Detectors

SOR weatherproof temperature detectors are built to stand up to the elements and keep on performing. Solid construction offers protection from the elements. Our Weatherproof detectors may be mounted directly on the vessel or at a remote location for convenience. Models are available with terminal block connections. Your specific application requirements can be met by selecting from a variety of housings and electrical detectoring elements.

Long Lasting

  • Stainless steel construction
  • The highest quality standards maintained from parts and build to finished detector

Wide Range of Standard Models

  • Detectors to fit most any application where protection from the elements or corrosive environments is critical
  • Adjustable Set points with calibrated scale
  • May be direct or remote mounted
  • Terminal block models available

Engineered to Order

  • Need a detector with special requirements? Optional components are available for applications that require a detector for use in a corrosive environment. Talk to your factory Sales Engineer or local Representative

Simple to Use

  • No special tools required for installation