1550 Top Mounted Level Detector

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1550 Top Mounted Level Switch




vac to 473 psi, vac to 32.6 bar; -40° - 400°F, -40° - 204°C


Unit: ATEX, CSA (US and Canada), INMETRO, SIL

The 1550 is a float-operated, top-mount level detector. The float moves a magnet that actuates or deactuates a hermetically sealed reed detector.

  • Hermetically sealed reed with 18” 20 AWG wire leads
  • Maximum process pressure up to 473 psi (32.6 bar)
  • Maximum insertion depth 48” (122 cm)
  • Low Power(PDF)(opens in a new tab) option available
  • Available with flameproof/explosion-proof or intrinsically safe certifications
  • Carries additional worldwide agency approvals

Power Plant 101

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Short Training

INMETRO Certification

Oil & Gas 101