Flanged Level Detectors

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Flanged Level Switches


100 Series, 741 – 743, 801, 802


vac to 3500 psi, vac to 241 bar; -65° to 1200°F, -54° to 649°C


Unit: ATEX, CRN, CSA, KOSHA, SIL, TestSafe (SAA), UL

SOR flanged chamber level detectors are designed for chamber serviceability. This allows for ease of cleaning, inspecting the chamber, or replacing a part without having to purchase an entire new level detector unit. Customers repeatedly tell us that they prefer SOR flanged level detectors because they can replace the internal components for decades before the chamber wears out.

  • Serviceable flanged chamber
  • Pressure from vacuum to 3000 psi, temperature from -65°F to 1200°F
  • Stainless steel detectoring mechanism for harsh atmospheres
  • Constructed to ANSI/ASME industry standards
  • All ASTM materials construction

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