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Creativity is ingrained deep into our core, and that’s what sets us apart and drives us to provide unique solutions that others can’t. Not only that, we’re great listeners who take all of your needs into account to design and manufacture products that solve your distinct challenges.

One of our biggest points of pride is our ability to provide a wide range of quality, long-lasting products across a vast array of industries. In addition to our standard products, we also Engineer-to-Order many of our solutions, which then become everyday products. When you ask for something with SOR Controls Group, our team has it.

Industries We Serve

Nuclear Power Generation

SOR Controls Group serves the nuclear power generation industry and a variety of different plant designs. These include solutions for air locks, cooling towers, emergency core cooling systems, and so much more!

Oil & Gas

Whether you’re looking for new installations, need to improve your performance, or are looking to lower operating costs, our team can provide both standard and Engineered-to-Order solutions for companies in the oil & gas industry.

Power Generation

We understand the uniqueness of each power plant and how each has different instrumentation needs based on certain factors. We ensure that each product is built to last and incorporates quality at every step.

Chemical Producers

SOR Controls Group can help ensure the safety and productivity of companies within the chemical industry. Our products can be tailored for different types of chemical processing and refining.

Waste & Wastewater

SOR Controls Group provides solutions to the water and wastewater industry in a number of different capacities, including water treatment, water and stormwater sensing, pressure monitoring, and more.


Don’t see your industry listed above? Don’t worry! We provide solutions to more industries than we can count, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), pulp & paper mills, food and beverage, mining, mass transit, tire press equipment, and more.

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Ready for a unique solution that actually works for you? Use our Product Selector and explore how our high-quality level products can solve even your most challenging applications.

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